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Singapore SST is incorporated in Singapore. We provide marketing services out of our corporate HQ in Singapore. We operate a ISO certified factory in China which adheres to safety standards. We have the capability to manufacture for your custom design requirements.

We provide professional expertise in Design, Manufacture and Export custom furniture globallly.

Also, we are now offering some of our latest and best selling items to our online customer.

We have successfully obtained the patent right to our Video Lounge Rocker series of game chairs in March 2008, and since the introduction of our S2207 version early this year, we have received great response from our international customers.
S2210 ¨ Wireless Audio System Video Lounge Rocker
An enhancement to our S-2207 version, this chair comes with additional features on top of those of the older version:

Much larger seating for more room and comfort,
Pneumatic reclining mechanism allows you to select at any recline position for best comfort.
Video Lounge Rocker
SG SST offers a wide range of office chairs, Desk, Shelving and Recliners that will be suitable for your office and home alike.
S2207HC-Video Lounge Rocker - Our patented first generation Video rocker cum lounge chair, New 2 in 1 chair concept that nobodyelse has it! Integrated 2.1 high performance sound system that gives you the ultimate entertainment values when playing games, watching movies or simply relaxing on it with your favorite music on. System compatible with all games consoles, music player, dvd, tv and computer. Foldable for easy storage and no assembly required
S2207HC-Black S2207HC-Bordeaux S2207HC-Olive green

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